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  Each property owner is responsible for compliance with all terms of the Town of Groton Land Use Code affecting his or her property. The Code Enforcement Officer shall issue a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion when he is satisfied that the proposed use complies with the Code and that structures have been erected and the site developed in accordance with submitted plans.
  No habitable structure shall be occupied until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the Code Enforcement Officer. Furthermore, no addition to habitable space or the alteration of non-habitable space into habitable space shall be occupied until an Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
    Any non-habitable structure shall not be used until a Certificate of Completion is issued by the Code Enforcement Officer. Such Certificate of Completion shall carry the same weight as does a Certificate of Occupancy.

A certificate of Occupancy or Completions starts with a Building or Appliance Permit

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