Information About Town Services and Contact Information

  • Town Clerk's Office - Is open with required safety precautions from 8am - 4pm, Monday - Friday.  Please limit the number of people that you bring with you and continue to use these alternate ways to contact us or send in applications if possible:  Town Clerk, April Scheffler: Phone 607‐898‐5035; Fax 607‐898‐3086; email; mailing address: PO Box 36, Groton, NY 13073. 


  • Town Court - Please call 607-898-3711 for updated information on current Court services and when it will open.

  • Building Permits and Inspections ‐ Building permits are again being issued.  Applications are available by CLICKING HERE or contacting the Town Clerk's Office.  For any questions on building permits or the Code, contact Rick Fritz at 607‐591‐9898 or


  • Applications for Subdivision, Site Plan Review, and Variances ‐ Please call the Town Clerk's Office for information.


  • Highway Department ‐ Is currently open.  You can contact the Highway Superintendent, Mike Perkins at 607‐898‐3110. You can also leave a message with the Town Clerk by phone or email.  If there is an emergency situation on a town road and no one is available, call 911.


  • Town Supervisor ‐ The Supervisor, Don Scheffler, will be regularly checking phone messages and emails and will return your messages.  Phone 607‐898‐5102; email

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