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The Planning Board

Mark Baxendell, Chair
Leon Brockway, Vice Chair
Monica Carey
Ed Neuhauser
Dan Cerretani
Lisa Maloney Hahn
Samuel Rose

Have an idea for a business or need to divide your land? Check the Land Use Table to guide you to any necessary review.

  You may also submit a free Sketch Plan review to the Town Clerk and the Code Official will guide you.

The Planning Board Process (may vary depending on the scope of the project).

  • Some of the steps include: Sketch Plan - Preliminary Review -  A Public hearing - SEQR Review -

                                                                   Final Review- Forwarded to the Building Department

A Sketch Plan or an Application (including 10 copies) needs to be completed and filed with the Town Clerk's office including any fee, at least 12 days prior to the next meeting date in order to get on the agenda.  The Planning Board meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Board Room/Court Room located in the Town Hall, 101 Conger Boulevard, Groton, NY. The applicant or a representative (with written permission) needs to attend each meeting to answer questions the board may have. The applicant is responsible for any Public Hearing advertisement fees as dictated by NY Open Meetings Law.

Approved Application Building Department Process (may vary depending on the scope of the project)

  • Steps may include: Building Permit Application - Inspection of Improvements- Planning Board requirement inspections-                                 Completion/Occupancy Certificates- Life Safety Inspection - Land Use Permit - Operating Permit

  • Two-lot subdivisions of land or boundary changes- submit the appropriate application to the  Building/Codes Department.

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