Zoning Board of Appeals

February 17, 2021,  at 7:00 pm

Open Meeting


  1. Approval of Minutes from January 20, 2021

  2. Discussion on pending applications to fill vacancy on the ZBA and what questions the Board would like to ask the applicants.

  3. Motion to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of conducting interviews with applicants.  At this time any members of the public in attendance will be moved to the Zoom “waiting room.”  Applicants will be allowed to enter the meeting individually at their appointed time.

  4. 7:15 pm: Interview with Lesley Tillotson and additional discussion

  5. 7:30 pm: Interview with Ryan Abbott and additional discussion

  6. Motion to return to Regular Session.  At this time any members of the public in the “waiting room” will be admitted back into the meeting.

  7. Discussion

  8. Motion to make recommendation to the Town Board for appointment to the ZBA. 

  9. Any other business to come before the Board



ZBA Chair