2 Public Hearings - September 14, 2021 starting at 8:00 pm:
Local Law #1 for 2021 entitled "A Local Law to Opt Out Of Allowing Cannabis Retail Dispensaries and On-Site Consumption Sites in the Town of Groton As Authorized By NYS Cannabis Law Articles 4 & 6"
for text of proposed Local Law #1

Local Law #2 for 2021 entitled "A Local Law Overriding the Tax Levy Limit Established in the New York General Municipal Law Section 3-c and For the Town of Groton."
for text of Proposed Local Law #2

Groton Election District Change:
Tompkins County Board of Elections has recently informed us that there will no longer be voting at the West Groton Church.  Those people who used to vote at the Church will now vote at the Town Hall on Conger Boulevard.  

The Code Official has reserved every Tuesday morning to assist people with their building permit applications on a first come - first serve basis. 
This does not mean that Tuesday is the only day he is working in Groton.  You are welcome to make an appointment for a different day. 
Please continue to call him for inspections and other code work as needed.
Office: 607-898-4428;  Cell:  607-591-9898;


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Please Note: The Official Newspaper for the Town of Groton is now the Cortland Standard.  All Legal Notices required by law will be published in the Cortland Standard.  They will also be posted on this website. View by clicking the Notices Tab .