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- Common Questions -

What's the difference between the The Town of Groton and the Village of Groton?
Located in the Northeast corner of Tompkins County, the Town of Groton is approximately 50 square miles that surrounds the Village of Groton with the hamlets  of McLean, West Groton, Peruville and Groton City.

Although the Village of Groton is part of the Town of Groton and receives certain services from the Town, it is an incorporated village with its own government. This means, if you are within the Village of Groton, questions regarding your electric, water, sewer and building/code issues will be best answered by the Village Clerk's Office @ 607-898-3966
or at their website CLICK HERE

Taxes - When do they come out? 
Town and County Taxes (all landowners within the municipality boundary unless you are in escrow ) will be in the mail January 1st.  
  IF you paid off your mortgage and previously had an escrow account, please call us to let us know !

You may pay at the Groton Town Clerk's Office, HERE on this website using  TAX GLANCE, hit the yellow button and follow the instructions or by mail, PO Box 36 Groton NY 13073
Village of Groton Taxes (Village landowners) will be in the mail June 1st. You pay them at or to the Village of Groton Clerk's office 143 E. Cortland St. Groton NY 13073
Groton School Taxes (landowners within School District) are mailed and handled by TST Boces 555 Warren Rd. Ithaca NY 14850. (If you are new to this it resembles a small check with the sides that rip off.) Look for them at the beginning of September. You may pay at the First National Bank of Groton until September 30th., mail to TST Boces or view and pay using

Mapping Tool- All of Tompkins County

 Garbage Pick-up?

You will need to hire your own private provider for the Groton area. Recycling collection is provided by the Tompkins County Solid Waste Management Division and is picked up at the curb every other week.  CLICK HERE for a printer friendly schedule and guidelines.

Do I need to license my Cat? No, but you do need to License your Dog.


The Town of Groton is responsible for providing Dog Control and Licensing for both the Town and Village of Groton.  By law, all dogs must be licensed by the time they are 4 months old.  If you are a new resident and bring a dog with you, you must license your dog in the Town of Groton.  CLICK HERE for more information on licensing, dog control, and forms.

Where do I.....Register to Vote - Vote - Get an Absentee Ballot????


 Tompkins County Board of Elections, Court House Annex, 128 East Buffalo Street, Ithaca, New York 14850.  If you have questions, call 607-274-5522   The Town Clerk has some Voter Registration forms and Absentee Forms you can pick up to send to TC. Board of Elections.

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