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Village of Groton  Although the Village of Groton is part of the Town of Groton, it is a seperate municipality and provides services such as water, sewer, electric and street maintenance to people who live within its boundaries.  Generally, the area within the 30 mph speed limit can be considered the Village of Groton.  Phone #: 607-898-3966


Tompkins County

Cayuga County

Cortland County


Towns in Tompkins County:

Town of Caroline

Town ofDanby

Town of Dryden

Town of Enfield

Town of Groton

Town of Ithaca

Town of Lansing

Town of Newfield

Town of Ulysses


Other Adjoining Towns:

Town of Cortlandville

Town of Genoa

Town of Homer

Town of Locke

Town of Summerhill



City of Ithaca

City of Cortland


Villages in Tompkins County:

Village of Cayuga Heights

Village of Dryden

          Village of Freeville

Village of Groton

Village of Lansing

Village of Trumansburg

Map of Tompkins County and surrounding towns.
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