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Minutes/ Records /Laws

Paper files with paper floating to a computer visual depiction of the shared services repository.

The Groton Town Clerks Office participates in the Tompkins Shared Services Electronic Record Repository (TSSERR).  Thanks to the hard work of our Tompkins County Clerks Office, this group was formed to provide, oversee and coordinate shared records management within Tompkins County.  The Records Repository continues to be a work in progress and more records will be added as scanning projects are completed and as staff time allows for updates to be made.

Many of the Town of Groton's documents and records are available for public review and download through our Records Repository.  These records include the following list and more:

  • Town Board Minutes beginning in 1849

  • Planning Board Minutes

  • Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes

  • Town Budgets

  • Town Audits

  • The Town of Groton Land Use & Development Code

  • The Joint Town & Village Comprehensive Plan

  • Old newspapers

  • Census information and other documents

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