Handicap Parking


Click Here to download and application.  Applications should be submitted to the Town Clerk's Office, not the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Information About Your Parking Permit:


Your permit is designed to hang from the rearview mirror when parked.  DO NOT leave it hanging while driving because it obstructs your view.  Some police officers will issue tickets to people who leave their permit hanging while driving.


The permit is issued to you, not your vehicle.  You may use your permit in any vehicle you travel in.


Since the permit is issued to only you, you must be either driving or a passenger in the vehicle when your permit is used.  DO NOT allow anyone else to use your permit.


Your permit allows you to park in designated areas, however it does not exempt you from any parking regulations or fees.


If you lose your permit, you should report it to the Clerk’s Office and we will issue you a replacement.


A  “permanent” parking permit (blue) is issued for 5 years at a time.  If your “permanent” permit is nearing its expiration date you can renew it at the Clerk’s Office without getting additional paperwork from your doctor.


A “temporary” parking permit (red) is issued for a maximum of 6 months.  If you still need a permit after this time, you must get a new form filled out from your doctor. 


DO NOT use an expired permit.  You could be issued a ticket for doing so.


Contact the Town Clerk's Office for more information at 607-898-5035 or CLICK HERE.